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Process and/or Documents for Credit Program.

  • Once you receive your credit reports you can email and/or mail it to me. After I review it, I will schedule a Free Consultation with you via phone or in person. If you agree to the terms you will need to sign a Credit agreement. I will prepare the 1st round of letters to be mailed to the credit bureaus. * Fees are due at this time.

  • You will need to give me a Copy of your drivers license or state ID your current address must be on your drivers license or ID.

  • Copy of your Social Security card.

  • Patience

I must have a good address for your letters to be mailed properly. Keep in mind that the credit bureaus will not mail your results to any address. You must Provide accurate proof of identity.

Remember this process is Time Sensitive, when you receive any letters from the Credit bureaus you must give them to me immediately for faster processing.





    Thanks in advance,

    Tammy (The Credit Fairy) Adams

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